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We enable early stage businesses with limited resources to seek funding, agency services or technology support from Ignite in return for an equity share.
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We work with select start-ups to develop strategy, branding, websites and marketing campaigns to help ensure a successful launch.

London Interdisciplinary


LIS is a new university for those who want to shape the world and not just fit in. Launching their first cohort undergraduate programme in 2021 it will equip students to tackle the most complex problems faced by humanity.

Ignite provides all branding, strategy, website design and digital marketing services.

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Loxwood Meadworks

Loxwood is a new drinks brand reimagining mead for a new generation. Pure Mead is the company’s first product, a crisp, refreshing honey wine presented in a gorgeous gold bottle. Currently selling direct to consumer online and via select craft retailers and bars.

Ignite provides all branding, strategy, website design and digital marketing services.

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A Taste of Space

ATOS is an artists studio that collaborates with brands and agencies. Specialising in cross-platform storytelling, the work focuses on creating immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact and reframe the way people see the world around them. Client work includes Cornetto, Waterstones, Penguin Publishers and the Tate Modern.

Ignite provides strategy support, branding and website design.

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Give A Dinner Party

GADP is a fun and sociable new way to charity fundraise. Solving the problem of feats of endurance as the primary way to raise money for charity, Hosts promote an event attended by Guests with proceeds going to a good cause. A sophisticated website platform manages the process end to end, from promoting events through to connecting like-minded souls. Currently recruiting Founding Hosts, the platform is due for launch in 2021.

Ignite provides branding, strategy and built the website platform.

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