COVID-19 is now part of our daily lives, and we’re all looking for ways to connect with people. The good news? In the digital world, you can completely avoid everybody’s terrifying unwashed hands.

Based on recent studies, the 18-34 age group have been most impacted socially by coronavirus – but they’re also the most connected through social media. ( source) More and more of us are looking for ways to connect with what we’re watching, and TV just won’t cut it. Now is the perfect time for brands to step in, and shine with some social-distance-friendly content.

And with over 1.8 Billion users, Youtube is here to help. Currently, Youtube is one of the most used social channels, not only to browse for videos but also to stream live content. As a brand, it’s important that you find your voice in this competitive but valuable space.

Here are our top tips for thriving on Youtube

Be unique. Use content that reflects your brand, and focus on your strengths. For example, if you specialise in burgers, create recipes that are burger-related using common things that you’d find in your fridge.